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Our Yoga Retreat In Clil

Last April we held a yoga retreat in Clil eco-village in the Galilee. We had two days and one night of all kinds of beautiful yoga related activities. 16 of us joined to practise Vinyasa and Yin yoga classes, do some inwards reflections with journalling prompts and go through guided meditations. The food was an incredible vegan array of wonderful-ness, and we all enjoyed getting to know each other more.

In the evening we had a talent show, where we all performed and laughed. The next day we had more meditations, more yoga, some discussion of yoga philosophy, and some kirtan chanting to finish it off.

It was everything. could have hoped for it to be. A really wonderful selection of people coming together, allowing themselves to be fully present and open, whilst surrounded by beautiful nature. I've attached a few photos, and the itinerary.

Keep your eyes peeled, there will definitely be more.

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